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After 15 years growing my skills within the magazine industry I feel it’s time to use my expertise to develop further collaborative projects, using the contacts and knowledge I’ve gained over many years focusing on bridal and menswear brands. During this time I've also worked freelance for STV2, Genuine PR and S:RD. I am hugely passionate about Brand Development, marketing and events and managing special projects

I’m a passionate, driven individual who strives to deliver the very best in visual content, evolving with trends over the years. I have a meticulous attention to the tiniest details and am skilled in keeping budgets in check. I am particularly proud of being a highly achieving problem solver and have managed my fair share of what could have been disasters. 

Over the years I’ve gathered a team of absolute superstars who help in all aspects of delivery, from concept to completion. These include independent dressers, runners, photographers, filmmakers, graphic design, editing, hair & make-up, set design, AV, and logistics teams.

I’ve also been incredibly fortunate to have worked in many environments and venues, primarily across Scotland but also on projects based in prestigious locations across London including Buckingham Palace, Canary Wharf and Kings Cross.

I thrive on working in a fast-paced environment with many diverse projects on the go and excel in strategic brand and commercial result delivery.


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